Kerala Speciality treatment for Parkinson’s disease
  Case Studies on Different Diseases
  No. Personal Data Clinical Presentations Medicines / Treatments Given Changes after treatment Observation  
  1 Rajendran, age:40/m
date of admission: 02/01/17
date of discharge: 23/01/17
duration: 3 months
Difficulty in signing, tremors, head ache, sleepless ness , memory loss, stress

21 days panchakarm atreatments, including yoga vasthy, thalapothichil, shirodhara, navara Internal medicines

Signing improved, sleep improved, stress releived, headache reduced completely

Very good  
  2 Binoy, Age:77/M
Date of admission:15/01/17
Date of discharge:28/01/17
Duration:4 years
Review case of parkinsons disease. Saliva drooling,freezing of gait,slurring of speech.

14 days of panchakarma treatment including yoga vasthi,dhanyamla dhara,shirodhara Thalam,internal medicines

No drooling of saliva,slurring of speech reduced,reduction in freezing of gait.

Very good  
  3 Kalaratna, Age;52/F
Date of admission: 22/01/17
Date of discharge: 13/02/17
Duration: 2 years
Balance problem,difficulty in walking,slurred speech,saliva drooling,Bed wetting,constipation

21 days of panchakarma treatment along with pizhichil,elakkizhi, yoga vasthi,thalam,internal medicines

Walking improved, constipation relieved, improvement in speech,mild control in urination.

  4 Manoj singh, Age:62/M
Date of Admission: 21/01/17
Date of discharge: 20/02/17
Duration:5 years
Difficulty in walking, Memory loss, sleeplessness, No eye co-ordination, tremors, Stress, Excessive sweating.

28 days of panchakarma treatments including yoga vasthi, Udvartanam, pizhichil, Dhanyamla dhara, shirodhara, internal medicines.

Able to walk without the walking aid, sleep improved, improvement in eye co-ordination,stress reduced.

  5 Saarah, Age:67/F
Date of Admission:15/01/17
Date of Discharge:04/02/17
Duration:5 year
Tremors,Uncontrolled movements of limbs,Sleeplessness, Constipation, Steress,eosinophilia

21 days of panchakarma treatment including yoga vasthi, Mamsakkizhi, shirodhara, dhanyamla dhara, pizhichil, shiropichu, internal medicines

Stress reduced, Dyskinesia reduced, Sleep improved

Very Good  
  6 Santhosh kumar Age:66/M
Date of admission:10/02/17
Date of discharge:02/03/17
Duration:20 years
Difficulty in walking, Tremors,slurring of speech,drooling of saliva,constipation sleeplessness, postural dyskinesia

21 days of panchakarma treatment including yoga Vasthi,navara,pizhichil, Shirodhara,internal medicines

Significant Improvement in Walking, speech Improved, sleep improved

Very Good  
  7 Raghav Age:64/M
Date of admission:11/02/17
Date of discharge:02/03/17
Review case of Parkinsons disease Stiffness of both legs which increases in morning,freezing of gait,sleep disturbances,weakness

21 days of panchakarma treatment including pizhichil, Dhanyamla dhara, shiro lepam, Local kashaya dhara

Stiffness reduced Weakness reduced

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