Amazing Recovery in Parkinson's Disease!

Seetha, a 49 years old housewife from a village in Trichur District in Kerala was ailing from Parkinsons disease for past 6 years. She had many problems like tremor, stiffness in legs, unclear speech, difficulty to sleep, and unable to easily walk, sit or lie down. She was under allopathic treatment all the while; but was not recovering. Instead her health condition got worst. She was admitted at THARAVAD AYURVEDA RETREAT on 06-06-2014.

Ayurvcda treatment was given for 3 weeks by the prescription of our chief physician - famous Ashtavaidyan. Sri. Alathiyur Narayanan Nambi, We did thailadhara, mathrabasthi, Pmdaswedam, Shashtika Pinda swedam and Udwarthanam. Jntcrnal medicines were also given under the expert supervision of our Medical Superintendent Dr. Abdullakutty Kolakat BSc., BAMS, MA(Psychology). After completing treatment, Seetha was discharged on 27-06-2014.

Now she is able to walk alone, and has no difficulty to sit, stand or lie down. Her speech is now clear. Difficulty to sleep occurs, but rarely. Tremor increases only when she is tensed.

That means 50 - 60 percentage of her disease is cured with our 3 week Ayurvedic Treatment!!!

This is one of the many successful Parkinson Disease treatment we have administered.

She regained happiness quickly! (We don't think it as a miracle)

Diana Thomas, a 60 year old retired Govt. Nurse from a southern village in Kollam District in Kerata was admitted at THARAVAD AYURVEDA RETREAT on 06 - 07 - 2014. She was suffering with various difficulties due to Parkinson's disease for past 4 years. She fell down in her house and got a wound on her right hip 5 months ago. She was using L S belt to reduce her back pain. She had many other problems like unable to get up easily after sitting, difficulty to walk, knee pain and tension etc. The treatment was undertaken as prescribed by Ashtavaidyan Sri Alathiyoor Narayanan Nambi (Chief Consultant Physician) and Dr. Abdollakutty Kolakat., Bsc., BAMS.,MA(Psych) (Medical Superintendent - Mob: +919446245113). 3 weeks of Treatment included Thailadhara, Mathrabasthi, Pindaswedam.Pathrapotala swedam, Nasyam, Siro­pichu and Shasthtika pinda swedam .. Internal medicines were also given.


Now she can get up from: sitting position. The interval between the Syndopa tablets is increased. Knee pain and hip pain relieved. Mental tension and gastric problems still remains but less intense than earlier. We are expecting more positive changes by conti­nued medication and peaceful home stay.

Jean & Rumi Hajj - LEBANON

Thank you very much for this new experience we shared with you. Hope to see you again and many thanks to all the staffs who make our stay easier.

Samer Harrouk & Stephanie Harrouk - LEBANON

I will never forget my stay. It was great and memorable. Staffs are so nice and friendly. we will come back for sure. Namasthe !!!

Mrs Rugmini - Kadanchery

Treatment is extremely satisfactory. Feels like a home away from home. All Staff are very friendly and co-operative. Wish to visit again.


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